Bicycles Improved Evangelism Work in NBG
CAD Christian Ministries is one of the awesome projects of CAD being carried out in the region and it is, remarkably shaping the spiritual and social lifestyle of the indigenous upright


The aim of the CAD Christian Ministries is to empower the local church leadership to serve God better. The Christian Ministries has launched grassroots leadership training which includes training of local pastors, lay leaders and evangelists. Besides these trainings, the Jesus film shows and the open air preaching are worth mentioning as an activity of the Ministry

CAD has donated 20 bicycles to evangelists in NBG. 14 of the bicycles were given to the 14 zones of the Sudan Pentecostal Church (SPC) in Aweil, 01 bicycle for Warap church and 05 bicycles for the Episcopal Church of the Sudan (ECS) in Aweil. The work of these servants of God has been strengthened by the donation of the bicycles. The zonal evangelist in Warap had launched an evangelistic mission which resulted into the establishment of one local church in the area. Among the coverts was one of the cattle warriors; he came up weeping because of the greatness and wonders of God which is taking up Warrap state. After salvation, the ex-warrior became an active member in the church and since the planting of the church in the area; cattle raiding habit has come to a stop. The warrior youth and the local community is gradually been transformed


Above is SPC evangelists who proudly pose for group photo with their new bicycles

A follow up seminar shall be held for the evangelists so they could have a joint strategic plan for evangelism in the area

The evangelists are grateful for the bicycles and have thanked the brothers and sisters who have generously donated the bicycles to support the work of God in the region. CAD and the Ministry assure you that you have invested a lot in the kingdom. Many souls shall be won into the kingdom of God. Your donation is an investment and you will reap eternal blessings


A Thank You message from Ps. Samuel Yamba
Brothers and sisters in Christ thank you very much for your donation and support to the Ministry in NBG. I pray that God multiplies what you have so you that you will continue to excel in this noble Ministry
Though you are not physically evangelizing, you are all ready doing it through your support for the evangelists in the area

We still ask for your support which could be in the following ways:
• Material and financial
• Physical participation in the Ministry
• Prayer
May the Almighty God richly bless you!


Tue 20 October 2009
Webpage workshop in Khartoum

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